Someone will read it eventually.

And if not, at least you had a lot of fun writing it!

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2 min readSep 2, 2022
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I’ve published a few Medium articles now and some of the topics are really absurd. However, it strikes me that this does not detract from the point. Magick, Financial Domination, Writing, Money, Marketing, Kotlin … Someone eventually reads it….

Too much content…

There are just so many people in this world and even though there are so many books — 4 million books are published every day — there is someone out there waiting for your book!

Be yourself

So don’t try to write like everyone else, please don’t be boring by trying to be popular — but instead write something for a reader who might read just that whatever you want to read. Then, among the crowd of similar books, your book will stand out.

It’s best to start from yourself: Would you read it? Would it interest you? If so, it will interest someone else. That’s pretty certain. This person may even be from another country….Everything is possible.

Publish more often

Few people will bother to read ALL of your articles here on Medium. Therefore, when you have written enough, you should write a book summarizing articles on a topic. I have done this successfully several times.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get rich, but it will make it easier to share your writings with your readers. You might also consider other formats, like an audiobook or a video.

By summarizing everything, older articles will be recycled. This is not a hack or cheat but a useful way to make content available again. The information is already there — we just have to show it to the readers again.


It is not necessary to write meaningful content all the time. It is enough to have something really meaningful here and there. In general, however, one should simply write more and link it to existing content. This is more important than just producing.

Therefore link existing stories, articles, ideas together with your latest findings and publish everything in a new format — the book. Because…

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