Why Financial Domination Works…

Daniel Wieser 🔥
2 min readOct 6, 2019

A Philosophical Approach

There has been a huge misconception and a number of theories why financial domination works. To explain this fetish, we must dive deep into human psychology and analyze the consciousness of the subject.

Once you understand the concept of surplus enjoyment, you will then understand the theory behind financial domination.

The dialectic notion of surplus enjoyment stems from the ontological purchasing behavior and the declaration of subjectivity by expressing non-rational buying decisions for the pure sake of jouissance. That is to say, the defining characteristic of todays society in the west is the contextualized acquisition process that has developed into something different, that does not even require a thing.

This also explains the narrative behind financial domination. The joy emerges from the buying and not from the having or even getting.

Now imagine a society where people are thrilled to do their next buying decision, one that would give them instant gratification with a click of a button. In financial domination, this predominant paradigm is ultimately sexualized. The sexual identity is intrinsically used as a motivation to receive money from these so called cash slaves. But the subject is interpolated between two poles into a different narrative of obedience, where he has to choose between sexual fulfillment of the self and serving his financial dominatrix. This further increases the power of the domme to take money from the client.

„Men fetishize their wallets in a way that is incomparable.“
Maitresse Madeline

The cultural identity is rooted in the the notion of capitalism and in the profiteering from the paradigm of consumerism that accelerates weak egos to adjust to a pattern of enjoyment (jouissance) through exploitation.



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