Make Money as a Hobby

…and attract even more of it into your life!

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Let making money not become your only life goal. Instead, let it be a hobby. Do not go the „monetization“ way and try to monetize what should not be monetized. See whatever you are creating as valuable intellectual property and sell it to those who are interested. Make creating your hobby, not monetization!

It‘s a very different motivation

Creating = Abundance Mindset

Monetization = Scarcity Mindset

Change Your mindset

  1. Do something you are so excited about, you would do it for free.
  2. Then become very good at it, so people pay you good money for it.

Become an Authority

There are big life changing questions that everyone is asking themselves.

Be the person they go to to get answers to those questions.

Be the number one guy.

Become a celebrity.

Be the authority.

Become a Creator

  1. Create stuff so you can give more stuff.

2. You can deliver to more people.

3. Help more people.

Sell More Often

Selling helps both parties.

  1. You are more inclined to implement the ideas.

2. I can spend more on creating and giving.

Because without money, it‘s not possible to pay for ads and to share what I want to share.

Without money, it would not have been possible for me to create a book and send it to my subscribers for free. Just because they did not pay for it, does not mean that nobody else paid for it.

…and Make More Money

In order for companies to make promotions possible, they need money. A promotion is only valuable to the company if it makes more money than it costs.

This is a very simple concept.

Seriously, if you want to make money, you have to get it from some people. You do not have to get everyone to pay for your products and services – just a small fraction of the people you are attracting.

I usually create something to sell it. I do not hope for anyone to buy it. I create it for the enjoyment of creating it. But I do not hope to make money out of it. Hope creates a scarcity mindset. What you hope for is something you don’t have.

A Trip Wire Offer

There are people coming to me from all parts of the world, always asking me different questions on money, success, and life in general. I usually send them to my books and other creations that would answer their questions. Guess what? Only a small percentage of those people actually buy the book that would give them the answer!

These are their excuses:

  1. I don‘t have money.
  2. You only want to make a profit.
  3. You do not really want to help.

Excuses, excuses, excuses…

All excuses come from the standpoint of a victim.

Victims see their life as a constant struggle. They only believe they have problems nobody else has and we should feel sorry for them. They won‘t be successful in life.

While having this mindset is one part of the problem, another one is not valuing the time of other people. What does that mean?

I am spending a lot of time to create the stuff that I am creating – mostly in writing. The ideas that I take down have also derived from years of experience, testing, struggle, as well as from the investment of money and effort.

Does that mean that I see myself as the victim of my circumstances? Absolutely not!

What it means is the attitude of entitlement the person who is asking me is coming from. Apparently he (or she) is thinking that whatever they want should be given to them from others with out any effort on their part.

They do not take me or my work seriously, maybe even trying to compensate my effort with „exposure“. I hope you are not here because you have that attitude.

You Are Responsible for Your Own Success

I really hope that you are not here to think that someone else is responsible for your success. If you haven‘t been successful until now, you should look into the mirror and ask yourself why.

Do you come from such a position of entitlement?

Seriously though, let me ask to do the following:

VALUE the work of the creators. Give them money if you enjoy their creations.

This and ONLY this will help them to create more great stuff.

Not exposure

Not likes

Only cash.

So buy something today from someone who has influenced you or someone you admire. A creator. Reach out to them and pay them directly.

Not through a (book-)publisher or a (music-)label – although that works too if they are not selling anything else online.

And do not think they won‘t value your money because they might (or might not) make enough already. If everyone would think that way, they would not stay afloat and create more stuff. Whatever they make has nothing to do with you.

The moment I changed my mindset to help creators, I instantly bought artbooks (for $300) from someone I have been following for years. Of course, you choose to pay whatever amount you feel is good for you. No obligation whatsoever.

Guess what happened after I changed my mindset? Guess what happened after I totally focused on creating, more while simultaneously giving more to those people who I liked – and what they created.

I attracted more money into my life.

And I am absolutely serious.

This is called an abundance mindset.

The only thing that was important for me when buying whatever they had to offer is that I only choose books. Artbooks, Non-Fiction books, etc. Everything in hard copy. Nothing digital.

One crazy thing I did was buying all the books from T.J.Rohleder – a marketer from Goessel, Kansas – while I already had them digitally on my hard drive (because he gives those books away for free).

Many artists give most of their creations away for free – you can look at them on many different websites. Yet, for those who want to support them, they are offering prints, artbooks, etc. I personally believe that this is a good thing and we all should buy from those who create stuff that we love.

Do NOT buy from the position of „getting the most value“ or „what is in it for me?“ attitude. DO NOT DO THIS. I am serious. This won‘t beneficial to you.

Many people are buying stuff and HOPE that whatever they will buy will finally help them out of their own misery. IT WON‘T. This is not an abundance mindset.

This is a victim mindset.

This is a mindset of scarcity.

This mindset will NOT make you successful.

This is the difference between those who are successful and those who are not:

Those who have a victim mentality will always ALWAYS find something they do NOT like – while many other people bought the same product and implemented the ideas and strategies or simply enjoyed the creation and let it inspire them to do more great work.

Those who are successful will find something they can work with and USE that. They will also be repeat customers.

Focus on creating for those who like what you do and pay you for it.

Also be the person who enjoys and spend money on creators who you like to support.

Today it is easier than ever to do this.

More good things happen when you create more:

  • There are more ways for people to give you more money
  • You will have more intellectual property that you can sell

Because this is what all the artists and writers do: They reuse the content that they already created in many different ways.

There is nothing wrong about that. Actually you should learn from this and do the same.

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