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Why You Should Learn Kotlin in 2022

A Good Overview Where to Start

Daniel Wieser 🔥
2 min readMar 17, 2022



Kotlin is way more readable too, once you understand its syntax. It’s not verbose, like Java. It is crisp, concise, and reduces a lot of much of the boilerplate code that developers must write every day. — Source

Those who have been programming for some time will appreciate the simplicity of Kotlin. And for those who have never programmed before, it’s a nice and easy introduction to programming. No matter what level you are at: Kotlin is the way to go. 🐥 tweet this!

5 Reasons to Learn Kotlin

  1. It’s pragmatic and concise and makes coding a satisfying and efficient experience. [Source]
  2. Kotlin comes from industry, not academia. It solves problems faced by working programmers today. [Source]
  3. It is a better option for both beginners as well as experienced developers as it improves productivity by making debugging easier. [Source]
  4. It is increasingly being adopted in many trending fields, including mobile, web, server-side and cloud development, data science, and education. [Source]
  5. It is based on the Java environment and platform so you can run Kotlin’s code easily on any Java platform. [Source]

How to Learn Kotlin for FREE

There are several courses and tutorials available for free:

  • Kotlin in 12 minutes. If you have absolutely no time available and want to get a first glimpse of this beautiful programming language, then you should watch this video.
  • 9 Hour Kotlin Course. Donn Felker has created an easy to follow course for everyone who wants to be serious about learning the Kotlin programming language.
  • 1,5 Hour Kotlin Crash Course. For those who would rather like to get an overview. Features all relevant details to develop programs with Kotlin.
  • 5 Hour Kotlin Course with Android Studio. Programming Kotlin and understanding UI development in Android Studio.


Again, what I particularly like about the programming community here is that there are so many free courses that explain all the essentials of a programming language. Only after that, a little later, when you need more precise and detailed information, you should read books… Or Maybe you should read a lot of programming books in general to improve your own thinking. A few books on computer science in general, on design patterns and algorithms in particular.



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