Does Magick exist?

10+ Questions on the existence of supernatural powers…

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If magick actually existed, wouldn’t it technically be “scientific”?

  1. If it existed, would we even recognize it as “magic”?
    Would we be able to do so?
  2. Why could the appearance of magic not be subjective?
    Or would it be the same for everyone?
  3. Would everyone be able to see it?
  4. Who can feel/work it?
  5. Would we see it as a part of science or as something of its own?
  6. Would we call it “magic” or something else?
  7. Maybe magic already exists, we just don’t use the term “magic” for the phenomena of what is usually called “magic”?
  8. And how do we define “magic” at all?
  9. This concept (“magic”) has been taken up differently in different media. Who says magic has to look like it does in Harry Potter? Why might it not be completely different, like depicted in other movies? If magic really existed, what movie or book would likely describe the most accurate version of it?
  10. Maybe magic (in reality) would be quite different from what is described in books or movies?
  11. Maybe the way we perceive magic would be different than it really is?
  12. Maybe magic is already a reality, but we call it something else?

We can’t answer all of these questions at this time, but if we can, then we have an answer to the question, what magick is.

If it weren’t something similar to the “magic” we know from books and movies, we probably wouldn’t call it “magic.” But that makes us biased. We shouldn’t be biased when it comes to something we don’t know yet.

Does magic manifest itself in some ways similar to movies, or is our perception of it (whatever magic is) influenced by books and movies?

We cannot answer this question under the present circumstances. Only if there were magic, we would make connections with various books and movies. But maybe it already exists, yet we are blind to see?

Define ‘magic’ / Magick:

  1. If Magick means writing spells to heal people, then YES it exists…. (pharmacological formulas to create medicine to heal people).
  2. If it means to talk to people without being near them, then YES it exists…(emails, messenger, …)
  3. If it means to have all information at hand, all the time, then YES it exists…. (smartphone and the world wide web)
  4. If it means something similar to what you know from the books and movies, then NO it does not exist.

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