Why You Should Write Your Own Biography

And How To Overcome The Fear To Do It…

Daniel Wieser 🔥
4 min readJul 10, 2020

Let‘s make this clear: I am talking about a real biography, a book, about your own life.

If you think your life is not worth telling to anyone, think again and read on.

It‘s true: Nobody cares about you. This harsh reality sounds like a slap in the face the first time you read it. But it also gives you amazing opportunities to do the things you want to do without earning a lot of criticism.

You could be the best artist, the most intelligent scientist, the highest skilled sportsman (or woman) of all time, but if nobody knows about you, nobody will care.

Business cards are not a thing of the past. Nowadays they appear in form of websites…and books!

Have you ever heard about that having your own book is the best business card one can have?

That is to say, if you have written a book, you can give it away just like a business card and in most cases people will not throw it away. That‘s because:

People love books.

They do. Some of those people even read the books they buy. Others just buy them to have them in their living room. They make for a great decoration…

But let‘s get back to the biography that you should write about yourself…

That‘s what you would normally call an autobiography, right? True, but this is not what I mean. Instead, you write your biography about yourself as if someone else would has written it about you.

Whatever you write about yourself is not taken seriously. What other people think about you is their reality.

Don‘t Write An Autobiography…

That‘s because an autobiography might give the appeal of being pretentious, arrogant, sometimes even snobby. That‘s not the picture you want to draw about yourself in other people‘s minds.

You want them to get to know you better.

And instead of telling them in person, you give them a book (or the link to a book), which is an epic story about your own persona. Let‘s call it persona, because a life about your person is boring.

What‘s a Persona?

Wikipedia tells it how it is…

A persona (plural personae or personas), according to the context, either is the public image of one’s personality, or is the social role that one adopts, or is a fictional character.

So it‘s the public image of your personality or even a fictional character. What that means is that you want to tell your biography (not autobiography) in a way that changes the public‘s perception of your personality.

And since it is a biography written by someone else, it must be true. That‘s because what other people say about you is always the truth for other people.

You want to change public‘s opinion about yourself.

You may call it propaganda or a clever marketing move. It does not change the fact that it works.

…or it comes out as a funny marketing gag that people do not take seriously at all. Then at least you made people laugh, which can be good too.

What you want to achieve is that people talk about it. And when they talk about it they talk about you. There is no such thing as bad publicity

But How Do I Overcome The Fear To Write Such A Book?

Always remember that you are not the real author of the book. You are only the subject the book deals with.

And since it will be a collection of things that you want people to know about you, it will only contain what you want them to know.

If they hate the book (it might happen) they will either not tell you, that‘s because they think that you are not the author of the book, or they will tell you and then you can tell them that you are not the author of the book (even though you are) and that you had no chance to change anything of the content (even though you had).

It‘s only about the public‘s opinion about you.

Side note: I would suggest you to read some of the biographies of superheroes available on the DC or Marvel database. This is how to make the life of your persona sound epic.

Thank You For Reading.

I hope this has given you a little idea on why it is a good thing to have your own biography available to the public in the form of a book. I am looking forward to read some of these epic biographies someday…

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