The Secret to Success? Momentum!

Why winners keep winning…

Daniel Wieser 🔥
3 min readSep 3, 2022

It gets easier

The first book

The first book was the most difficult for me. The tenth one was not so hard anymore. The first Medium article was not easy, the last one was much easier. Why is that?

Make mistakes

You want to do everything right and make no mistakes. You think you’ll only be successful if you don’t make any mistakes. But the opposite is the case.

You get ahead when you make mistakes. You make mistakes because you are dealing with something new. If it is something we already know how to do, we would not make mistakes.

This process is also called “fail fast” and “fail forward”. Truly, there is no one who does not make a mistake. No human being is perfect.

Just start…

Inspiration happens

The more we write, the more we can write. The act of constantly writing provides material and further inspiration for even more material. It just happens once you start.

Do not wait

We are afraid to fail and don’t get into the doing of the thing. This keeps us from accomplishing anything at all. The fear of failure causes us to fail — because we don’t start.

There is no best time to start. The best time was yesterday. The second best time is now. The longer you wait the harder it is to start.

Don’t think

Start doing

So maybe you shouldn’t think so much about what to write about, but just write. After all, over time, ideas come with writing. They never come just from thinking. So write!

Do not think — know! Do not think — feel! There is a lot of truth behind both statements. It is about doing things intuitively right. We don’t have to think about it.


We learn to do things intuitively right by doing them. Over and over again. Eventually we do them automatically — or so it seems. We have learned to do it right.

Not by thinking, but by doing.

Write every day

I have many notes that are unused. From these I can create more notes when it is important to me to write even more. This again creates more notes and makes it even easier to write even more. Truly, the work never stops.

Publish right away

You can spend a lot of time improving something until it is perfect, but you will never achieve perfection. So, maybe you shouldn’t try? Maybe you should just write? Someone will read it and like it eventually. Just don’t worry so much.

Don’t stop

Once you start, you can’t stop. It is important to stay on the ball and keep publishing. You don’t know what article will go viral. You don’t know what will be the article that will bring you fame and fortune. It might just be that one piece of content…

“The beauty of making content on the Internet and social media is that if a single piece is that good, it has the ability to go viral. If the one person who’s listening shares it, others might too, and it can spread like wildfire. That’s how you get discovered.” — Gary Vaynerchuk

Don’t think about it too much.

Just start writing.

“Momentum can be your most powerful ally or biggest foe when starting a business. The more momentum you have, the easier it is to maintain. The less you keep up momentum, the harder it is to generate every time you need it again. That’s why at the beginning, it’s especially important to keep going when you encounter problems. If you give up every time there’s a hiccup in your plans, it makes it harder to restart the next time.” — Noah Kagan, How to Make a $1,000/Month Business

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