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What To Do With Unpublished Notes?

Review, recycle, rewrite, … remove!

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3 min readSep 2, 2022



Just recently I realized again how terrific it is that my books are still being bought — even years after I wrote them! Most importantly, these books — and everything else I’ve created — serve as a repository of information I’ve compiled at one time or another.

These summaries, notes, reviews, and ideas of my own give me inspiration for new works myself, and I could even publish them in a different format, so that with ease a new work would emerge almost by itself.

Now every idea is a result of an idea from different inspirations.
I would like to hold on to these inspirations.

Work in progress

I have many unfinished books. However, I don’t want to determine now if they are abandoned forever. Sometimes there is just not the right time and to write it completely I lack more information. I try to recycle everything somewhere…

So far I have written and published a few books and that can be easily tracked on Amazon. But I also have many notes that are not published. They are ones that should have served as the beginning of a book, but the book was never finished.

However, I have found a new way to finish unfinished books much faster and that is to publish articles on Medium. By finishing an article on Medium, it is … completed. I can thus delete it from my notes and focus on what I haven’t finished — creating another article from it, and so on.

Writing on Medium

I have a lot of notes, unfortunately, that will go unused because I can’t use them for a book myself. But this way I can re-use them! Out of this come many articles that, at some point, could make a new book again.

Why it’s easier to write Medium articles:

  • They don’t require a lot of effort.
  • They can be on different topics and don’t have to be related.
  • They are easier to finish.

When I finish Medium articles, I know this thing is finished. It’s like a finished chapter in a book — even though it might never exist. This allows me to put the article back somewhere else because it’s finished. I don’t have to worry about finishing it anymore.


I can link to such an article more easily and I can also rework it if I think of something. The goal, of course, is still to write more books. My goal is to write 150 books and to do that I need to publish a few more books. I also need to write a few more notes…

Recently I read about writing every day — whether you have a book topic or not. It has been said to “improve your life” and “change everything for the better” and the whole shabang.

I’m going to try that too…

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