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How Philosophy and the Occult is Somehow Connected …

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I would love to write a book on the Occult to learn more about this topic. I have seen that, whenever a topic interests me, and I write about it, I learn more about it.

This is not a surprise…

I also want to have a book about the occult attached to my name. This is because I respect authors of the occult, the dark arts, black magic, tremendously and I would feel honored to be part of this community.

Not because I necessarily need the attention…

I like the idea that some people somewhere read a book about dark magic written by me even though I fear what they might think of me. This fear always arises when I take on a new topic. I want to write about Magic and my own interpretation of it.

But who am to write about it?

Why the Occult?

I believe it is part of becoming a God or a true genius by mastering the arts and sciences of the universe. And that also means, mastering that which is barely known…

The Occult is the knowledge of the hidden.

There is a stigma attached to it.

Whether it is useful or not isn’t necessary.

One can be ignorant about Magick and say it is humbug — and they are probably correct — or they simply put time and effort in this kind of mix of art and science and use the knowledge to their own advantage.

And this is where my own interpretation comes into play.

Sharing My Point Of Views

Magick is not creating fireballs in your hand or creating something for the entertainment of others. Spells, potions, and everything else related to it, is part of a process of spiritual and personal development.

Let’s be clear: There is no scientific evidence that praying is a way of communication to talk to a deity, yet a lot of people still do it.

Why are they doing it?

Is it because they feel better or because they have been told to do so?

Magick, and especially Witchcraft (more on that later) taps into our feral instincts and puts our mind into a certain state that is transformational.

The vision board that people create? Candles? Amuletts?

All of this is just one step away from Witchcraft.

Occult, Magick, Witchcraft…

Occult is the complete science of what is unknown.

Magic is a tool to cast spells.

What is Magick? There is no good and evil in Magick.

Only intention that is free from judgements.

Get rid of the notion that something either has to be good or evil. What matters if it feels right or wrong to you. This alone is subject to many discussions as we have lost our ability to feel due to conditioning by the media and society.

There are different teachings to conjure magic. Alchemy, necromancy, Shamanism, Witchcraft, … these are just a few of them and while you can mix everything according to your own needs, every distinctive magic has their own way of doing, their own philosophy.

Occult Philosophy?

As in the Geisteswissenschaften, where philosophy is a part of, it consists of many different branches, such as ethics, ontology, political philosophy, and many more.

It’s frowned upon to mix different sciences, although they do not occur separately in their natural state.

If one truly wants to take their philosophical approach to the next level, they cannot only focus on one part of philosophy, but they have to integrate every different philosophy, and sometimes even psychoanalysis.

A great example of a philosopher who does this extremely well in my opinion is Slavoj Zizek. He combines different philosophies, mainly from Hegel, Kant, and Marx, as well as in a combination with the psychoanalysis from Jacques Lacan.

What he further does is developing a new philosophy out of the combination that he uses.


Unless you are working in a way that makes it important to follow certain principles because human life depends on it, why should there be any relevance to separate the sciences?

Doesn’t that show us an educated mind, if one can put all the theories in a structured and well ordered manner together?

Wouldn’t that mean that, those who know the Geisteswissenschaften as well as the Occult, can draw from a bigger pool of information to create a new insight?

And that is why I want to write a book about it.

And maybe why you should do too…

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