The Book of Spells

And why you should write one yourself.

Daniel Wieser 🔥
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By writing it down, it becomes real.

Your Art is Your Witchcraft

The book of spells is not something that others use.
Spells are what you make for yourself, for your life.
Write a book about money to realize exactly that.

It is not what you wish for. A wish is always a desire. A wish is something you want to have because you don’t have it. By wishing for it, you are saying that you don’t have it, and that is exactly what is realized. It is realized that you do not have it.

How does it work?

You cannot read books about magic to get it.
But you can write some with spells (spell = to speak).
The magic is already in us.

When you had more than enough of X, what would you do?
And that’s what you do.

Don’t do something to get X, because you have more than enough of X already. Do what you would do if you had more than enough of X.

Let’s imagine you would be monetarily rich. If you say you would spent all the money you had, let me ask you this: Would you also throw away your health if you were in perfect condition? Or would you try to sustain your health, try to keep it?

A spell may have worked for one magician but might not work for you. You must study yourself to understand yourself. Then write down what you know.

The spell works for you according to what you know about yourself.
By writing, you realize yourself, your condition, accordingly.

Grant Morrison on Chaos Magic, the occult & Sigil creation.

Understand your path.

Writing words means creating a spell.

Words formed together (in a rhythmic manner, logically, in a systematic way) make poems.

That is magic.

Every book is an act of magic.

Do not write a spell with an intention as the intention implies that you do not have it. Write as if it has already been realised. Understand the implications.

Understand that there are neither good things nor bad things that happen. They just happen. How you interpret them is up to you. Do not judge them. Rain might be bad for you but is good for the plants.

Get rid of the pain but do not avoid the situation. If it is raining outside, go outside, but bring a jacket. Be prepared. The tools are already available.

If you think of something positive, it will happen.
If you think of something negative, it will happen.
If you start from these realities, then rituals are methods to bring our focus to one or the other.

But things themselves are not positive or negative.
They are what you think they are.

What is magick, really?

Magic(k) is not something to escape reality.

Magic is reality.

Magic is the realization of one’s own reality.

Magic does not exist by itself.

We create it — thereby realizing it — by realizing ourselves.

That’s why „Know Thyself“ is so important.

Know thyself and thou shalt know the gods.
- proverb

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