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If you want to learn something new you have to deal with stuff that isn’t obviously easy to grasp.

Daniel Wieser 🔥
4 min readMar 9, 2022

Medium articles are great!

I can spend hours going from one article to another without ever getting enough. It is just one massive pile of interesting things that are not connected to each other. It’s like visiting a lot of websites about stuff that interests me.

But at the end I just spent a lot of time consuming information without actually learning anything really relevant. I might read an article about 10 tips to improve my writing skills, agreeing with everything the author says, but I haven’t learned anything new. This is because these things were already known to me…

This is is why you learned nothing today…

Most of what you read on Medium will already be known to you too! You are not here to learn about engineering or medicine or new advances in science. You are just looking for a way to entertain yourself by reading interesting articles. And that is a nice thing, isn’t it?

The books you could read and understand if you’d take the time to read them

Here we have an article about the 10 best books someone has ever read. I was hoping to find out about books I might have never heard about, but it’s another list of books that are already known bestsellers.

Sure, it’s a great list and the books are nice, but did you really need this article to tell you about already known bestsellers? Or did you just spend a few minutes consuming information you already know?

The medium partner program…

And don’t get me started on the Medium partner program. So you are telling me you need to pay money to read an article about 5 books that suck? Are you serious? Apparently they are and everyone seems okay with it.

I really wonder if they believe content like this is worth paying for. Apparently, they do and others do as well which is why a lot of people have already read and clapped for this article. A lot of people? Well, you could also clap even if you did not read the article or paid for it — making it seem very popular for other readers.

The message you have to confirm to get out of the partner program

Besides, you do not need the Medium Partner Program to make money. This guy shows exactly how he made $1200 without being in the MPP. Or this guy who used several tools to make money on Medium without the MPP. It is possible!

How much are they making? Hundreds? Thousands? Millions? Apparently, it must pay, otherwise they would not do it, right? RIGHT? But what exactly are you, the reader, paying for? There are hundreds of articles available online. FREE. And they might even have more quality than the average article on Medium.

Here you could read scientific articles and publications absolutely free. But why aren’t you reading them? Maybe you are still trapped in reading articles about the 9 uncomfortable truths or 8 life changing habits? So do you want to stay that way or do you want to take your knowledge to the next level and actually learn something?

There are better ways…

Don’t get me wrong. There are some writers who are actually delivering new information in an interesting way that give me the impression that they are actually trying to teach their audience something. Maybe, reading these authors is actually worth the yearly subscription to Medium — but then again, the money does not go direclty to these authors, but to the ones who are most popular.

“Everything popular is wrong”
— Oscar Wilde

So Medium gets paid and a little bit goes to their most popular writers. Not necessarily the ones you read the most. At the end of the day, it is Medium (the company) which makes the most money — not your favorite writers.

What could you do?

  • WRITERS: If you are a writer on Medium, ask for a coffee or sell your writings as a book — an information product — to your readers. They will love to read everything from you in one package and do not have to move from article to article (which takes too much time away).
  • READERS: Reading theory that takes time to digest is better than moving from one article to the next hoping that you will find something worthwhile…

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