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Totally agree. If you start with a "project" in mind first (like: "I want to write a book about xyz") then you only collect notes relevant to that and then you write that book. Shameless self-promo: I have outlined this method in my book Speed Reading Genius.

Why reading on medium won’t help you to learn more

If you are like most readers on Medium, you will go from one article to the next in one sitting. You read several articles, do not take any notes at all and after an exhausting hour you remember … Nothing.

What happened?

These are the reasons:
1. You do not have…

How to write an interesting article even if you’ve got nothing to say

Outline of this article:


  • What’s important is having a lesson.
  • Obvious lessons are entertaining.
  • Don’t put the hook in the headline.
  • Show, don’t tell (or something…)
  • Why do we want to share?
  • Okay, what’s your point?
  • Readers are skimming articles.

What to Write About?

  • Your interesting life — compressed
  • Do not wait…
  • Write…

It’s easier to combine what has already been said.

Nobody is really interested in your thoughts. What’s interesting to them, is when you can take a closer look at what other authors have said and comment on it. By contrasting different positions, you show that you have really studied this topic intensively.

Outline of this story:

  1. What Did You Learn?
  2. Have A Structure

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