I cannot take you seriously if you do this…

This says “I need a handout” more than anything else.

Daniel Wieser 🔥
3 min readApr 6, 2024



Listen, I am all about making money online.
In fact, it can be quite lucrative.
It’s also fun.

Who would not want to get paid for work — which they did only once — over and over again?

It’s all fine.

Create books, videos, content, courses, and whatever else you want.

Want to create books and sell them?

Do it.

Want to create videos and sell them too?

Do that as well.

The creative individual who is 100% self-employed will earn money one way or another — by providing an actual service or product of value to someone in exchange for money.

It’s a great way too!

I cannot say it often enough:

A very lucrative way to make money is to provide a product or service and earn money for it in exchange.

Why we buy:

I will buy from YOU if I know you or if I value the product that I am going to buy.

And if I do not like it?

I can give it back and will get my money back.

This is a legitimate transaction which makes absolutely sense!

There are also membership sites, where people pay money to a creator.

Like this:

The new Patreon logo since 2023

We can discuss the new logo all we want, but you will understand that this makes sense. You pay money to the creators, and a small fee goes to the platform.

You have earned the trust of your patreons and they will give you money in exchange.

This is also a very legitimate transaction which makes absolutely sense!

Or I could buy your book, your story, because I sympathize with you.
Because I trust you, maybe even because I know you.

The problem is this…

There is, however, something else how people are making money.

Not necessarily because we exchange product and payment individually.

It is something absurd.

And it does not make sense…

You know what it is?


This says you need a handout

Fuck this.

Does the scream for a handout can

get any louder than this?

You know what I would want to do instead?

I would like to pay money directly to creators. I like to buy their products — so they had to produce something to begin with, like books, stickers, etc.

What I do not like is to pay money to a big corporation where the creator might get something — it really depends on the algorithm and how many people are reading their stories this month.

Fuck this.

This puts the power away from the creators.

This is similar to when people host videos on a platform and try to earn money through ads on their own videos… It’s absurd. It’s horrible too.

Imagine this:

You let someone wait for 20 seconds before they can watch your content just because you earn 1 cent per view.

Does the scream for a handout can

get any louder than THIS?

There are better ways…



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