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Your Own Writing System

How to Develop Your Own Writing System

Having a writing system is important, according to Tim Denning and his article The Key to Become a Wildly Successful Writer with Millions of Views Is a Writing System.

Many readers (myself included) asked what such a writing system would be.

The article itself does not give enough information and so I would like to continue from his own article.

Your Own Writing System

  • Vision. Be clear what you stand for.

Do you want to write about productivity or dogs or answers about the universe and everything beyond?

Some niches work better with others in combination, for example: writing + productivity + creativity + money. Some might say you don‘t need to pick a niche and that‘s okay.

Just know what you want to write about before you write it.

  • Tools. Set up your phone and computer in a way you can write an publish from anywhere.

Download additional software if you need it.

I use the following to write down notes: Apple Notes + Obsidian.

Do not overengineer!

  • Habits. Develop a habit of writing down stuff every day.

Most people fail here.

The work is better done regularly instead of all at once.

How can you do that? I have written another article about that here.

  • Do the work.

Now the real work starts.

Keep doing it but always always ALWAYS remember that you are not doing it for others and that you are not doing it for money.

Do it as long as you enjoy doing it.

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