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Why ordinary people should write and publish their own book:

Daniel Wieser 🔥
5 min readJan 17, 2023

Have you ever thought about writing and publishing your own book?
Many people have…


You might be thinking:

Why should I write my own book?
Nobody is going to read it anyway!

And you are probably right

…but…it is still important.

What people care about

I am not talking about novels here but about writing non-fiction. The reason for that is quite simple: Novels are made up stories. Of course People do not care about your made up story. What they do care is your life story — which is hopefully not made up.

If people care about you, they care about your book.

And that is the only viable reason. There is also no other reason necessary. You do not need to write a bestseller or become famous — but writing a book may make you famous. What’s important though is that you spread your gospel. Make your philosophy public. Talk about what interests you.

A personal treasure

Writing a book yourself can be a personal treasure that you share with only those people that you care about. You want to tell them about something important? You want to show them another side of your life you never told anyone else?

Write it in a book, publish it, give it to the people you care about.

I am not talking about marketing your persona — although you could — but sharing something important with the world. What do you care about? Did you ever find the time to write it down? Maybe you are already writing on Medium (and that’s really great, don’t get me wrong), but there are many people who are NOT here. Many people have never heard anything about Medium. But they read books and they could read yours too.

Even if you happen to be the greatest genius of all times, nobody cares until you take action.

Even then only a small fraction of the population will care. I am not here to give you false hopes. Please do not try to get the attention from others by making them believe you are the true savior. You will repel them faster than you think.

There is so much stuff going on, so much content available, that people do not even know what to make out of it. Create your output because you have fun doing it, not for the sake of becoming famous. Nobody really cares until you do something that changes the world for the better.

I am very certain that a lot of what I wrote will not be read by a lot of people people before or after my death. Yet somehow I like to think about the opposite and I want to believe that my writings will be subject of highly intellectual debates. Even if it will never happen the thought of it excites me.

This is another reason why I keep writing.

Do not try to be perfect

In order to achieve remarkable results in a number of fields one has to make himself accustomed to start a lot of projects and leave many of them unfinished. The trick is to jump from one to another without having the need to end any of them, that is to say, leave the perfectionist agenda behind for a more simple, less caring, yet productive life.

You have to understand that we all have the same amount of time. And it does not matter where in life you are now, you still have 24 hours time like the greatest geniuses who ever inhabited this world. With all the self-improvement tips which we get bombarded from different sources, we are not that much more productive than the geniuses who lived in the past.

There is always new work coming up, people who ask for help, inquiries coming from everywhere.

You need to stop reacting to them.

Do not focus on being successful

Just focus on being.

You are not here to achieve anything. You are already more than enough. All you have to do is to manifest that within the current state of reality. It happens by choosing to do the things the person you want to be would do.

But what is success?

Another label used by institutions to make us believe we are worth nothing unless we are successful, meaning we have achieved their current perception of what success means to them, which will keep us being controlled within a certain framework, instead of living our life to our own terms and be happy the way we choose to be.

We need more books from normal people who live ordinary lives.

Back in the days, success was quite different. Another day survived? You are successful. Be thankful. Show gratitude. Nowadays? You have to have at least a certain amount of money in your bank, live in a big house that you own, have a spouse, kids, a car, …

Have fun writing

Everyone wants to be more successful than the person next to them. The competition has increased, this lead to envy. We have been programmed to do the things to achieve a certain level of success. We forgot what joy means. We forgot how to live our life they way we want to.

As a creator you create for the joy of creating. Humans are here to create. Creating will give you the same joy of achievement that you got from achieving your predefined goals in the past, without having to work for it, because you play.

Work becomes play.
Very simple.

It will keep you sane to choose this path. If you care too much about your creation, you will care too much about what other people might think. This is neither beneficial to your health nor to your success. By choosing to be a creator you are valuing the creation process more than the actual creation. So stop trying to be successful and just create.

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