Write on Medium and Publish a Book

tl;dr: Publish a book of all your previous articles in a coherent form as a book in order to give something to new readers who will not have the time to look up all the stuff you have ever written on Medium.

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3 min readSep 5, 2022


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You may also want to publish on Medium or have already done so. This is not a difficult thing and I think everyone should write what is close to his or her heart. Never should the money be in the focus…

Why I write here today

I write this today and now because it is close to my heart and not because I hope to earn anything from it. I think it is essential that we take the time to write articles like this because they give us the opportunity to talk about what is important to us.

No obligation to write for a specific audience, not being careful about what words you use, or you can even just write bullshit if you want. All of these are ways to really blow off steam.

Something important

But I’m not here to just blow off steam, I’m here to tell you something important. Write a book. There, I’ve said it. Now that the most important thing is said you can go back to reading other articles on Medium.

Or you can stay here, just as you like….

The problem is this…

Because that’s the problem on Medium.com: readers’ attention spans are too short. They hop from one article to the next. They don’t take the time to read something more difficult. They don’t invest the time to learn something new. Because that takes some effort — and most importantly, time.

…and the solution is here

When someone takes the time to read your book, they take the time to listen to you for a really long time. That takes concentration but it’s also an honor. It’s something special. You should also value that dedication.

I think everyone should write a book.

There, I said it. It goes against what many “online writers” tell you. Don’t write a book. It’s too much work. It’s an expensive hobby. It’s not worth it.

But why?

I think especially when someone has written quite a few articles on Medium.com, they should write a book. Why? Because the old articles will perish and no one will take the time to search and read them all.

If you have written a few good articles, you will probably attract a lot of readers. You will have many people interested in what you write. Or they won’t. The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter, right?

However, if we have people who are interested in what we have to say, wouldn’t we make it easy for them to read what they are interested in from us? Most definitely! That’s why many writers have a pinned post with their “best” articles. That’s already a good start.

But these articles are incoherent…

Final words

A book that has a guiding thread is easier to follow and therefore much better for a reader who wants to get everything you have ever written or said in a simple format. It is a good way to share what you’ve already written with new readers who do not have the time to look up all your old stuff.

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