Why Everyone Is So Obsessed With Perfection And What To Do About It.

It’s not as simple as you might think.

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The obsession with perfection has been around for a long time. For centuries even. It is not a new trend, but rather a timeless pursuit that has been present throughout human history.

The obsession with perfection is often driven by a combination of internal and external factors.

People have always sought to improve themselves, their lives, and their circumstances, and this desire for self-improvement is what drives many to want to become more perfect.

In recent times, there may be more attention given to this pursuit due to the rise of social media and the culture of comparison that it can foster. Many people now have access to a wider range of information and images of what is deemed as “perfect,” whether it be in terms of physical appearance, lifestyle, or achievements.

This can create a sense of pressure to attain this idealized version of perfection.

With the increasing focus on personal development and self-improvement in society, there is a greater emphasis on achieving one’s full potential and becoming the best version of oneself. This can lead to a desire to continually strive for perfection and to never settle for mediocrity.

Motivational Factors for Perfection

But is it an intrinsic desire or do people seek external validation?

One of them is good, the other one not so much.

It is important to note that the pursuit of perfection can be both positive and negative, depending on the individual and their motivations. The obsession with perfection is often driven by a combination of internal and external factors:

  • Internally, many people have a desire to feel competent, successful, and valued. They may believe that achieving perfection in certain areas of their lives will help them feel more accomplished and fulfilled. In some cases, this desire for perfection can stem from a fear of failure or a need for control.
  • Externally, societal and cultural expectations can also contribute to the obsession with perfection. In many cultures, there is a strong emphasis placed on achievement, success, and excellence. This can create a pressure to strive for extraordinary accomplishments in order to be seen as successful or valuable.

While it can drive people to achieve great things and improve their lives, it can also lead to unhealthy perfectionism and an inability to accept oneself or others for their imperfections.

No matter how hard you try, you can never achieve perfection. There will always be something that could have been done better or differently.

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You Want a Perfect Life?

The obsession with perfection is a common and pervasive trait in our society. People strive for perfection in their appearance, work, relationships, and many other areas of their lives.

Get Rid of Perfectionism!

It’s okay to make mistakes.

It means you have tried something new.

Embrace the idea that making mistakes is a natural part of life and an opportunity for learning and growth.

Shift your focus from the end result to the process, practice self-compassion, and challenge negative thoughts about perfectionism.



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