Who do you write for?

Writing something new and defining a new target group for it

Daniel Wieser 🔥
3 min readApr 14, 2024

Most people say „research your audience“ but what if you want to write and create something new? How would you know „your audience“ for something which has not been there before?

  1. Start with the niche which interests you, that you want to get to be known as a genius
  2. Go down sub niches

I know there are a lot of niches available and you would like to write in every niche — but be patient! You can write for other niches later as well.

Geniuses have done this too.

Some may argue that geniuses have also written poems, stories and similar non-scientific works. Today, it is very difficult to be recognized as a genius with poetry; you are more likely to be praised for your scientific contributions.

„Be accurate with facts. You will be repeated. When you write a book, you are committing to history.“ — some genius, probably me.

To showcase your genius, it’s not enough to simply write a book. It must have a genius component. It is also noticeable that geniuses absolutely always wrote in scientific fields. They were academics, scientists, intellectuals, scholars, … They were recognized for their output on a scientific level.

However, you can also write non-scientific works such as poems, prose, stories, etc. between the scientific books that you are already writing. There is always someone who knows less than you and who likes your peculiar way of sharing what you know.

You do not need a degree to write about science, but you need knowledge. In order to find out something new what has not been done before, you need to know what has been done before.

We should go away from what we want a genius to be and instead look at what people we attributed the term genius to and then decide what it was that made us call them a genius. Then do that as well.

It might be difficult to become a genius, mostly for ideological reasons.

Society needs its geniuses. Its ideology depends on there being some people who are special in a certain way. Because the construct cannot continue to exist if we become aware of the truth:

All people are equal.

Society needs “special people” who have received their specialness from divine providence, power or chance. Because if everyone could become a genius, like a financial advisor, streetcar driver or mathematician, then there would be nothing special about it and the idea of God would be invalid.

This social construct needs special people so that it can be maintained — because without this, there could be no people who rule over others.

It’s time to change that…

We know from universal geniuses that they dealt with many scientific topics in their free time. This gave them enough material for their works.

We have to encourage ourselves to do research if we are not reading about scientific topics in our free time. But actually, this occupation should also give us enough reason to write a book.

Read scientifically and write about what interests you scientifically.

This way, you will, one day, be seen as a genius.

People used to believe that good ideas came from God.Today, society is a little more enlightened. Nevertheless, I believe that there is always something magical about such a process.



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