The Mystery Of The Writer’s Block

Is there a writer’s block?

Daniel Wieser 🔥
5 min readSep 25, 2019

First of all, I do not believe in such a thing as writer’s block.

That is ridiculous.

I might not find the words or might not have enough ideas to write down, but basically writer’s block is a bad excuse for someone who does not want to do the (hard) work:


That being said, I actually enjoy writing and I would love to write hundreds of books, if someone would give me

  1. The detailed plan/outline of what they would like to get, and
  2. Enough resources — meaning time and money — to do this. But let’s not forget that I do not need other people to fulfill this task.

All I need is myself. If I lack resources, then I need to get some.

We do not lack resources.
We lack resourcefulness.

It means not being able to get the resources, because they are already there. The goal is to get paid to do the writing that I want to do. Is that too much to ask for? Maybe it is, because I actually want to write what I want to write — not what others might give me big money for.

The reason is simple: I have already written those kind of books. They were fun to create, although not fun to write. Now that I look back, what kind of books were fun to write?


Most of them were fun to RESEARCH.

Getting to know the topics of interest and then write about them is what excites me.

If I do not know enough about a certain topic, I need to do the research, which means learning something new. The motivation behind writing a book is always a lack in a certain area.

That means I am always writing the book that I personally feel is missing. I am not writing a book to show that I can do it, adding to the already saturated market, just to cash in on a specific niche.

In order to find the motivation to write, I need to know WHY?

WHY should I go through all the struggle of

  1. Finding a topic/niche
  2. Getting the research materials
  3. Doing the research
  4. Creating something new — that means: a book?

Money is not the answer, unless it is a sum that is big enough until the end of my lifetime.

But that would not solve the question of writing continuously on new books.

WHAT is it, that I find fascinating, that would keep me busy for the rest of my life?

I love homework.
Let’s make this my homework for the rest of my life.

I think WRITER’S BLOCK is a big issue for a lot of writers. One should probably write a book about it… hmm…


I wanted to write a book because I love writing. Quite simple. I could fill pages with my nonsense gibberish, because I love putting words and thoughts on paper. Does that mean someone would get anything from reading my book? Probably not, but I do not care. Why should I care if most people aren’t reading my books anyway? I am writing for myself. I am writing, because some day I will die — but my books will still be there. And then they will say: „You remember Daniel Wieser? This guy wrote awful books and actually thought he was a genius! Now he is dead. Apparently his intelligence could not prevent him from the natural consequence of dying. Apparently he wasn’t a genius after all because he died.“

Do I even care what people say about me? I do not. Then why would I write down my thoughts? For my own pleasure. Will I ever read them again? Hopefully I won’t. I believe the greatest pain of authors would be to read their own books over and over again. Whenever I read my books, I can’t believe I wrote them. That is to say, most of the time I do remember that I had those kind of ideas, but the way they are written appear to me as something new.

Writing makes me happy. Whenever I look back at what I have written, I get that sense of accomplishment. At the same time, I get anxiety for not writing fast enough, not putting out another book.


If you do not know what to write about, write summaries of books that you have read or that you are reading right now. In fact, if you do not know what you want to write about, you probably lack input and that means you will have to read more. Creating summaries is also a good way to remember what you read. It is a great way to improve your writing and it has many other advantages too.


You start as soon as you put words down on paper or on your computer screen. The very act of recording your thoughts is the essence of writing a book. You are not writing a book. You are merely recording your own ideas and thoughts about a certain topic. The ambition to write a book might put a lot of stress on you which is why you weren’t able to start. Maybe you should go back and write WHY you actually have the ambition to write a book?

Writing is thinking on paper. Write whatever comes to your mind. If you do not know what to write about, write about your writer’s block. You do not have a writer’s block. You have a lack of ideas. There are many ways to counter that. Just write. Write what comes to your mind. And if you think nobody is interested in the random ramblings of a genius mind, think again. In fact, most of what you are writing will not be read by anyone, so why should you start caring now?


If you have no clue what to write about, write about your ambitions and what you would actually want to write about. Imagine sitting there and writing a great fantasy novel. Write about that if this is what makes you happy. I personally would like to write more philosophical works, with highly sophisticated vocabulary. I would love to create books that are difficult to understand for the masses and yet read ant talked about all around the world. I also have a severe interest in the Occult and Magick. Do I have enough information or knowledge about this topic to be able to write a book from start to finish? Probably not. But what I can do is that this is exactly what I am lacking. This further increases my chances to really write a book about the Occult. What more do I need? When do I start? What is it that I am actually lacking? Will reading book XYZ help me to finally start this project? Reading more does not necessarily help you to write more. Sometimes we are stuck in analysis paralysis. This means, you keep reading and reading and you will never finish a book or even start one.

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