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The Majority is Always Wrong

So do not try to be like everyone else…

Daniel Wieser 🔥
2 min readAug 27, 2022



I see more and more people on Medium who want to make money.

They write on Medium to become more popular so that they can eventually earn money with this popularity.

Is it reprehensible? No.

But is it purposeful?

Do something else…

If all people want to make money on Medium, then the ship has already sailed. Don’t try to be as popular as everyone else. Don’t try to please everyone.

Instead, do something else that is less costly.

But you have to look for that first.
And that is too much effort for many.

What to do instead

But a wise man once said that it is better to think about money six days a week and work only one than the other way around. That many will now deny this because they can’t afford to work only one day is understandable.

But before you simply do what many others do, and only because many others do it, it is perhaps better not to do it, and rather think about it again. Because that’s what very few people do:


Yet that is exactly how you get the money. People buy a Bitcoin and then ask me whether they should sell it now — when the price is down again. They haven’t thought about it before.

You don’t make make the money by selling, but with a well-considered purchase.

It is better to wait a year and think about what you want to study rather than just studying something just because many others are doing it. It’s logical and understandable. When it comes to studying, you wouldn’t decide it so spontaneously.

But why with other things?

Why do you all do the same thing and try to earn money on a platform just because many other people have already done it?

It takes more effort to find something new that is not already so oversaturated, but it simply pays off — in the long run.

Therefore, the bottom line is this:

Think long and hard, then act.

Slavoj Žižek: Don’t Act. Just Think. | Big Think

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