I’ve Made More Than Enough Money Online. This is What I’ve Learned…

It’s not about the money you made…

Daniel Wieser 🔥
2 min readSep 12, 2022

When I first heard about Information Marketing, I was completely hooked. So you can get rich creating ebooks and other information products? It seems that was the secret I was looking for for so long….

…until today.

Today it interests me rather less. Most information products which you can buy online can be thrown straight into the bin. Only a few marketers really deliver added value. I’m tired of being scammed by scammers.

I’m tired of it…

There are just too many marketers already trying to push their nonsense on you. And I don’t want to advertise myself because that could give the exact same impression: I’m only after your money….

Because in the end you will buy my books if you think that they will bring you a benefit. But not because I told you about them. I don’t want to tell you about them. That’s rather presumptuous.

They should speak for themselves…

Unfortunately, they don’t. Still, I have more than enough money and live a really comfortable life. I don’t depend on anyone buying my books. And that’s exactly how it should be…

Write because it brings you joy.
Not because you need the money.



Daniel Wieser 🔥

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