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Is It a Waste of Time If You Enjoy Doing It?

Do not focus on being productive in order to be successful…

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4 min readSep 1, 2022


The efficient use of our Time

One question I asked myself again and again was:

How can I use my time in the most sensible way?

Unfortunately, exactly this question is counterproductive and leads to the fact that we do not use time meaningfully. There is also the question when an activity is meaningful?

Sleeping can also be sensible if it helps me to rest so that I feel better the next day. It is not always about being productive in the now.

And what does it actually mean to be productive?

  • Is it a waste of time to write a book or article if it is not read?
  • Is it a waste of time to record a podcast episode when it is not heard?
  • Is it a waste of time answering questions on Quora if they are not seen?

Success means different things for different people

Probably it is all a waste of time when you realize what you mean by productivity. I see creating output as something productive.

Any activity that helps me to do so is a meaningful one. In all the three points I have raised above, I would have created something. This is something I can use for my output.

And that’s what it’s all about: Sometimes we may stray from the path because we are more interested in another subject. That is absolutely fine.

We should write about it or create content if we enjoy it, if this topic interests us. It’s really about doing what you enjoy.

Create something that is meaningful — to YOU!

Don’t ask what brings you the most money or what is the most popular or makes you more popular. Do not take a topic that suits these characteristic of a “successful” topic but choose one for yourself and be a person. People want to hear it from you, and not because you are a subject like everyone else — but because you have personality.

Of course, they come to your blog or podcast or read your books because they deal with the topics these people are interested in. Creating content for an existing market is a good choice. Just doing it because there is a market is not a good idea. It is boring.

Don’t be boring.
Don’t be like everyone else.
Be a person.
That means: Be different.
Have personality.

It doesn’t mean that everyone else is boring. It means that trying to be like everyone else is boring. People can tell. They can feel you are trying to do this because you want to be popular.

Pick a topic or two that you would deal with in your spare time anyway, and then add content on the already existing pool of information that is called “the internet”.

Taking notes and publishing them

I write about speed reading, language learning, and geniuses not because they’re in demand, but because I’m into them anyway. My notes are my own way of recording the information for me. I just share them with the world because I feel like it.

I would write about it anyway. I could not help it! If ideas come to me because I have just read a book, then I try to put these ideas into a form so that they belong to some book project.

Notes, summaries, and reviews are one way I process the information. It is a necessity that has arisen from reading.

For a long time I read a lot and only noted the number of books I consumed in a year. At some point that was too little for me. I wondered what that was all about.

Especially when I was not satisfied with a book, it was important to me to express my criticism about it or maybe even to do it better. All right, I read all those books, but what now? That was the crucial impetus for Speed Reading Genius.

What’s the point of reading all those books if you don’t do anything with them? And I’m going away from productivity in the sense of application — because I’ve read a lot of philosophical books where you don’t apply — andgo to transformation.


Thesis, antithesis, synthesis — this terminology comes from Johann Gottlieb Fichte. Writing gave me the opportunity to develop my ideas further and to put them into a comprehensible form. It’s like philosophizing on paper, but after two hours of philosophizing without taking notes, you probably wouldn’t be able to find your way around your own thoughts.

So is it a waste of time if you enjoy it? Not if it results in something that you can add to your output — regardless of whether it is consumed by other people. There are many advantages to creating content.

I will go into this in more detail later…

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