Innovation is the work of creativity.

That’s not necessarily how you get a lot of money…

© Daniel Wieser

It’s quite simple…

Everyone thinks you have to have groundbreaking ideas to get rich, but that’s not true. Just do something that other people have already made a lot of money with — copy their methods — and then repeat it until you have more than enough money.

And then people say you’re successful.

What is success?

But do you even have to define success that way? What is success? Maybe success is something else entirely, namely how we want to define it? We may not yet know what success can mean to us because we are oriented to the existing order. It is possible to define success as what is coherent for us.

I prefer to be creative and enjoy what I do.
That is success for me.

Be a genius!

When I can have completely new ideas and realize them. Writing. Being creative. Doing something! And when we do that on topics that are scientific, we find innovative solutions to scientific problems.

And that’s how you become a genius….

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Daniel Wieser

Daniel Wieser

GeniusMastermind 📚 Writing books for fun. Topics: Learning + Learning Methods • Writing • Computer Science • Building a Legacy • ASD • Delusion • Schizophrenia