I Finally Found the Secret to Making Money Online! 🤑

It was disappointing, to say, at least…

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I remember very vividly talking to other marketers on the Warrior Forum and in Facebook groups about how to make money online. It was 10 years ago, I remember what I asked:

  1. I see everyone selling their course on how to make money online. Is that it?Explaining “how to make money” to other people?
  2. And is it really just about selling everyone only a part of the whole, but never giving away everything at once? Isn’t that a little bit misleading?

The answers were amazingly friendly. No one felt put on the spot. Nobody felt getting called out. They all answered with the greatest honesty I have, until then, never seen any more polite way anywhere else in the online marketing space.

The MMO Niche

MMO stands for “Make Money Online” and it’s a lucrative business niche. In fact, it is probably the most lucrative business niche available today. But I’m reaching too far right now. Let’s get back to the previous topic… To return to the answers I received at the time, these were the answers (paraphrased, not verbatim):

Yes it is exactly like that. You have found out the secret. But this is not a scam! In fact, it’s a useful thing to help people by giving them different tools on the way to MMO. However — and you’ve figured this out already – it’s ultimately about selling other people how to make money online.”

I was puzzled and a little …. disappointed.

But also angry…

Was that really it?

Had I been trying to sell something meaningful all these years, but in the end I should have just been selling MMO products?

Is it really that simple?

They explained further:

“You see, you do need a general understanding of how to make money online to sell appropriate products. However, you should sell your own products, not someone else’s (so affiliate marketing was out of the question). You see, the biggest marketing gurus have sold their own products. You already know them: Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, … (the list was even longer I don’t remember exactly).

And these are always either information products (courses, books, audiobooks) or something that is a tool that helps to make money online. This can be templates, websites, (and so on…).”

Okay, I thought, but why doesn’t anyone say that? Why does everyone waste as much time learning as they can when that’s what it’s really all about?

Why should anyone? We know it’s a lucrative niche and we will continue to sell our products. Now that you’ve figured it out for yourself, you can create your own products. But that only makes sense once you’ve already made money online. But after that, it gets easier, because then you can tell others how to make money online — and you will make even more money online this way.

They all want to sell you something so you can get “out of the rat race”…

And so, I did…

Now that I knew “The Secret of MMO”, I knew what I had to do…

Forget the Kindle books, forget the peanuts of income. You have to sell people something big and convince them that you can make a lot of money — so that they will trust you and that they will then learn it from you. But I was constantly overthinking and made some mistakes.

I already had a success to sell as I was writing Kindle books and they were selling quite well too. So I was already making money online. Not only was I able to show that it was basically possible to make money online (a few years ago, fewer people believed you than today), I was also able to show them how to do it. So I could already sell that as a “method”.

Finally, I thought it was a good idea to create a funnel, pay for software that cost $97 a month at the time (bad decision) and then sell this “method”. That was not a good idea, at all.

However, something completely different came up along the way, and that was the opportunity for helping people directly. Some of them approached me directly as they wanted to know how to “make money online”. I sold coaching to one person and ghostwriting to another. It was also easier than I expected.

So then I had two more success stories that I could sell as a “method”.

So now I could sell three methods — and I did!

Packaging information…

So how much did I make from these methods?


More than enough.

Enough to tell about, anyway.

I was sure that someone would buy this information. If I get it to the right audience, they will buy it. So I put all the methods into PDFs, writing is easy for me, so I did it that way. I didn’t want to create a video course because that seemed like too much effort.

I called the product: “3 Manuals That Could Make You Rich!

The title was lurid and puffery but seemed appropriate.

After all, I wanted my product to stand out. I didn’t put much effort into formatting it in any way. It was just a lot of text and a lot of content. I was convinced that someone would buy it.

The reactions were more different than I thought…

Selling it online

I posted these manuals on the Warrior Forum as a Warrior Special offer (WSO). At that time, one such post cost about $50 and each additional bump cost $20. That means I had to pay $50 first just to offer my product to a “starving crowd”. That was a bit much for me. But now I’ve already done so much for it, now I can’t just give up. Worst case scenario, I would have invested $50 and no ROI. I would live with that.

So I went the distance,
created a sales page,
paid the $50
and hoped for the best.

Eventually people did buy it and quite often. I was really excited. However, every profit went on another “bump” (so I kept paying $20 to bring the post to the front). At some point though, I paid for it and the post didn’t move forward (I don’t want to say I got scammed but it felt like I did).

So I decided to stop offering the product there.

Final words…

I have decided that I don’t want to earn more money like this anymore.

It feels strange.

I didn’t want to sell it there anymore but I wanted to at least offer it somewhere for people to read. It should also be somewhere where many people can find it. However, I was sure that there was no point in making it available somewhere completely for free as I know that people who pay will pay attention.

So I uploaded all 3 manuals in one paperback book on Amazon:

So I now have this whole bunch of valuable information on a platform that is trustworthy, that will still offer my book after I leave this world.

And I’m writing about it here on this platform so that everyone can read it, even if I’m no longer here.

If you are interested, read the book. I am also open to feedback. As I said, these are three methods that have worked for me and maybe they will work for you too. If you haven’t started making money online, maybe this is the sign you need?

Best of luck and great success to you!

Your friend.




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