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How to Find Purpose Through Creating Books

…and get rid of all the “cans”. A Stoic Approach.


The problem of the whole philosophy called stoicism is the undeclared theoretical edifice of a purpose, which transcends within the constituents of the framework. The fundamental question which creates an irresolvable tension is „How can we achieve purpose?“


The paradigmatic case of purpose is reflected in the very sense of acquiring wisdom within the domain of this philosophy. This leads to an endless journey of studying and reading and therefore hindering man’s true creative potential.

Look Further…

The philosophy of stoicism demands a scholar who is alienated from society to acquire their signification. Clearly there is no final goal of achieving true happiness — learning is the way, and going the way should lead to happiness. To conceive the true notion of stoicism, one must look further and research beyond the concrete context of the theoretical theory.

To resolve the antagonism within our existential self, and find our purpose, we have to seek outside of what stoics said and concern ourselves with what stoics did, because clearly there is a difference.

False Ideology

There is a saying: To become rich, you have to work hard. You might know the capitalist joke where the employee was amazed about the new car of his boss, who replied: „If you work hard enough, I can afford another one next year.“ This is the true meaning behind the ideology of the great lie that if you work hard enough you too can become rich. Of course, this is complete nonsense, but maybe you see where I am going.

One Crucial Determinant…

It seems that stoics have found their true purpose by telling others how to find their true purpose. They held speeches, lectures, and wrote books on the topic of stoicism; now this is exactly what this text is about. All those enlightened stoics who seem to have found the answers to life’s questions through meditation and practicing the principles of stoic philosophy seem to have forgotten one crucial determinant, which is essential for every scholar to follow. This is output.

Creating Books…

What every one of them has done is creating a significant output in different formats, and distributing it in different ways. This is the true way to find purpose and meaning in the stoic philosophy: Study it thoroughly, understand the concepts, apply them to different areas in your life and finally tell everyone about your experience by creating your own version of this philosophy — stoicism with a twist, so to say.

Why Write Books?

No stoic philosopher ever said to one of his scholars: „You should write a book and become a stoic philosopher yourself.“ That would make the philosopher obsolete because there is and always has been a certain mystery to books; whose who have written one are seen as a Guru or an expert.

„Thinking on paper“ has many advantages too. Paper is patient and the very act of writing things down will help you to have even more ideas — and you will never have the fear of forgetting, because you already wrote down your thoughts.

Conceptions People have About Books

Many people still believe, that everything that is written in a book must come from the philosopher’s mind. The truth is that, writing a book is merely a creation that has many different sources, and just because you can read a book in one sitting does not mean that it was written in one sitting.

  • How much of the text has been edited?
  • How much has changed since the first version?
  • What other thoughts did the philosopher have while writing that books?
  • How much is missing?

Zenon’s Legacy

If you remember then you would know that the stoic philosophy became Zenon’s legacy — it was not only the studying and the learning of new things that brought him happiness and purpose, but also writing his thoughts down and distributing them among the people. He built something of value which he communicated through a variety of media.


My conclusion from studying many different philosophers is twofold:

Do not as they tell you to do, but do as they did!

You need to create some new concepts — which are really a spin on some old ones — and then publish them in a variety of formats so people can enjoy what you have created in your head. Get it out of your head — start writing NOW!

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