Here Is A Method How To Make Money Online

It’s simple, easy, and everyone can do it.

Too bad it just costs too much for you to afford…

The Claim

Oh hello, you are probably here because you want to know how to make money online. Maye you want to get your first 100 followers on Medium so you can join the partner program, or you are looking for a way to make money as an affiliate. Whatever you want to know, I am here to show it to you.

You see, you’ve come here to learn from me, the Marketer. Apparently, I have made enough money (on Medium) for you to be interested in learning from me how to make money. But whatever I am going to show you how I make money is not the way I really make money.

Because the money is in suckers like you buying my course…

The Pitch

Now that I got your attention, I am finally going to tell you everything I know. It’s super simple, really, everyone can do it. You can do it too. Even if you are a

  • single mom with no income
  • a student with no income
  • a regular worker living paycheck to paycheck
  • a nobody

But it’s really easy, even if you think you are very intelligent! Here are all the benefits that you can get from buying this course that I am going to make an offer for later:

  • Benefit 1
  • Benefit 2
  • Benefit 3

By buying this course you are finally going to be somebody! You only have to follow these simple steps that I will give to you just in a moment. But first, let me show you what you are going to get:

The Offer

Now that you’ve seen what this cool thing can do, I present to you:

  • The XYZ Masterclass / Workshop / Bootcamp / Blueprint / Course
  • #BONUS 1: The Ultimate Cheatsheet to XYZ
  • #BONUS 2–9 will be so outrageously tremendous that whatever I am going to tell you it is more than enough for the whole package to sell itself. It does not really matter what I add here because your mouth is already drooling. You just want in…
  • But wait, there is more … !

You can get this total bundle of information that is worth now $4997 (at least, duh!) for only $497 (what an offer! wow! Please note that this is the normal price of the damn course and everything I added was just air that seems valuable but really isn’t…)

The Validation

Here are the people already making a lot of money with my course. You have probably heard of them, or not, it really does not matter. What matters is that you think that just because they joined my program they are making a lot of money on Medium.

Yes, of course that is the reason (not because they have been on Medium writing for ages and regularly every week). Because the truth is it takes a lot of hard work (so you are again exchanging your time for more money)… But please still believe it is super easy and that “everyone can do it”.

The Close

You have to act now, because this offer is only valid for X days. But seriously, just pay me the money already because I did not make enough from whatever source I am claiming I made a lot of money from (and why you are here).

Maybe I should instead show you how you can make your own course and sell to stupid folks who want to know how to make money on Medium, when in reality, they could make so much more by selling a course to a list of people?

Because, the reality is, you can’t make much on Medium in a short time.

It’s probably better to sell the dream.

Which is why I just did it…

What are you waiting for?



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