Following Common Advice on Making Money Online Won’t Work

Why “Doing What You Love” Isn’t Always the Answer

Daniel Wieser 🔥
4 min readMar 27, 2023


Everyone and their grandma are trying to make money online.

It’s a shame.

Maybe we should be happy that people are continuing their education, that they are learning something new.

But if it’s only about earning more money, that’s a meager realization.

Nevertheless, it can be said that most people think too complicated. They read an unbelievable number of instructions — at least there are an enormous number of them available — and then finally they try the same thing that these people have done.

But this won’t work…

The Problem

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying:

“If it were that simple, everyone would do it.”

There is some truth to that. If you copy people, you won’t get any further than those people. You probably won’t get far at all, because it’s probably already too late.

All these methods require you to popular, drive traffic, etc. It takes a long time, it takes a lot of effort, and if everyone is trying to be popular, and everyone is some kind of “thought leader”, how credible is this business model after all?

Hint: It isn’t.

Do Not Overcomplicate Things

Many people overcomplicate things. They need a website, a social media account, they need to write articles every day, and eventually they will make quite a bit of money … or rather not.

Probably these business models don’t work anymore, or at least not as fast as you’d like them to.

However, there is an easier way than doing what all the popular accounts tell you — for they tell you what works for them for the reason that they profit from you buying their courses...

That’s their whole business model.

Making Money Online is Boring…

It’s simple:

Buy something low and sell it at a very high price.

This can be goods, services, crypto…. It really does not matter.

But many people romanticize „making money online“ and think it should be fun. They try to monetize what should not be monetized.

They try to make money doing what they love. It’s bullshit. Making huge amounts of money is boring and monotonous. There is nothing fun about it.

But people overcomplicate things, because they want to make money online doing what they love.

Do This Instead

How about doing this instead:

  1. Do what you love
  2. Earn massive amounts of money somewhere else.

If you only have to do 2. every once in a while so you have more time doing what you really love ( which most probably won’t make you any money) isn’t that the better decision? After all, making money online is mundane, boring, and monotonous.

Do the complex stuff nobody else is doing.

Go where the majority won’t.

Not gonna lie, when I see the earnings and income from some of the highest paid creators on this platform, I shake my head. That’s not really much, to be honest. I know, for a lot of you, it is.

But why not go where the majority isn’t going and earn even more?

Tell me more about your “freedom” when you still have to get up every day and do the same mundane tasks every damn day.

It’s not worth it…

A Different Way…

So let me propose a different way of making money online:

  1. Find something you really love doing. Do this as an art. Become very good at it. Not with the focus on making money with it some day, but because you enjoy doing it.
  2. Find something that pays extremely way so you only have to do it every once in a while. Do not let your hobby become the way of making money because this way you will kill your hobby.

Instead, let “making money” be your hobby.

And focus on making art

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