More Than Just Numbers: How to Create Meaningful Content Without Focusing on Metrics

Everyone here is trying to get more readers, get more followers, make more money… A short article on Mindfulness

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Everything becomes more and more measurable, and therefore comparable. People are judging their own and other people’s “successes” on numbers. Who got the most of everything?

Comparison is the root of all unhappiness

David Andrew Wiebe

All that’s missing is that at some point we compare ourselves with each other to see who has the better blood values…. 🩸

Love the art!

An essential aspect, which is definitely lost by this, is the appreciation of the art itself. If it’s only about who gets more likes or followers because of certain keywords and SEO methods, then it’s simply boring…

A boring society…

People are really begging to get more followers on this platform so they can finally start earning money through the medium partner program. And then they continue to ask readers to support their writing.

This is kind of sad and misses the point of art (i.e. writing) entirely.

Value? What value…?

It’s all about „adding value“.

When something provides more value, it is generally more desirable and can command a higher price. Additionally, adding value can also improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. — ChatGPT

It seems, you have to add value. Readers need value. Always add more value. Get it? Because I don’t …

I always wonder if this is what the authors back then were thinking when they wrote their books. Imagine Dostojewski thinking about how he can add more value… Or Kant or Husserl or Nietzsche ….


Is the motivation to writing your articles or whatever you do online to make more money, get more followers, or increase any measurable result with it?

I asked ChatGPT:

For some writers, achieving measurable results is important because it can help them to achieve their goals, whether those goals are related to building a platform, establishing their expertise, or earning a living as a writer. In today’s digital age, building a strong online presence is crucial for writers who want to be successful, and Medium can be an important tool in achieving that.

Then it gave an interesting answer:

In fact, many writers use Medium as a platform for self-expression and creativity without focusing on metrics.

Yet, many articles hide behind a paywall because writers want to earn money from it. You can tell us many times that you only do this because you want to share your thoughts with the readers. It simply has a bitter taste to it.

Imagine a different motivation:

  1. I made this.
  2. I really like it.
  3. Therefore, I share it with you.

Are you still reading?

Maybe I will reach the right audience with this article and people will read it and feel understood. It’s okay not to compare yourself with others and just enjoy writing without thinking if and how you will make money with it.

I know I’m in a privileged position here. Many probably need every additional penny, require additional income to make ends need, hope to „get out of the rat race“ at some point in their life.

But maybe it’s also this dream („getting out of the rat race“) that keeps us from really liking our work, focusing on becoming better at it, earning more from it, and just creating art on the side. Good stuff that we are proud of and that we want to share with others.

What’s interesting is that wonderful things then happen as a result. You might end up with a lot more money than you dreamed of. But not because you were acting in a position of need, but of having already more than enough — and just sharing what you really love.



Don’t compare yourself with what others have achieved. When it comes to making money online, many “methods” are dried up. It seems like it’s too late already. Why bother at all? I do not want to give you hopes that some day you can achieve the lifestyle you truly want. neither do I want to destroy your hopes, if that is what you really want.

Rather question why it is that you want it.

Just because others have something that you don’t have?

Did you compare yourself with others, people who apparently have it so much better than you?

Even if it might not always seem like it,

but we are living in great times.

Maybe it’s not all about followers or likes or achieving measurable results with your writing.

Maybe it’s about the joy of creating it.

But you can’t measure that…

We need more artists in the world. People who make stuff. People who don’t want anything in return. People who hone their skills because they love what they do. — Scott Stockdale (src)



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