Do More of What Does Not Make You Money

Read below how you will be more creative

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The work that brings us money is important, for sure.

Equally important are personal projects that do not bring us money. In a creative task for ourselves, we can play, make mistakes, learn. It’s about nothing more than having fun and enjoying it.

That may sound restrictive.

But if you’ve ever thought about being more creative, you’ve probably thought about making money doing it. But creativity is not rewarded. In this system, it’s about doing what works and repeating it over and over again.

Because that’s lucrative.
It makes money.

Of course, there is the possibility of getting much more out of it: making money, changing public opinion about yourself, … If it goes viral and people want it and they spend a lot of money on it, then creativity is also valued.

But creativity is intrinsically rewarding.
Creativity is rewarding all by itself.
You don’t need to make money of it.

As a creative person, it’s important to create something that you like. It’s not about being better than other artists. It’s also not about likes or followers. It’s about projects that, at first glance, are nothing more than a waste of time.

Becoming a genius requires much more than just knowing a lot. Geniuses were productive and creative. They were productive in their creativity. Creativity is expressed by the fact that we can create products that are within our scope.

What does creativity mean? Creativity is the ability to produce something new. While it is possible to be productive by completing relevant tasks quickly, genius is only revealed through creativity.

But there are also very productive people who are very uncreative. They do what they are told. They follow a certain order. This is not the work of genius, but only the work of a very productive person.

Innovation is the work of creativity.
It means creating something original.

But what does originality mean in today’s world? When it seems that everyone is copying from everyone else, and the product of their efforts is just another mixture of different elements that have already existed.

The only way to improve creativity is to improve the circumstances of creativity. Creativity is a process that can be repeated over and over again. Once you recognize this process, it is merely a repetition.

Writing another book after you have written the first one is not as hard as writing the first one. Now you know the process and can repeat it. You can move forward faster. Writing the first book is hard. Writing the tenth book is not.

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