What is success?

Coming back to the topic, which was about "too much content" and then the conclusion that more topic could mean more income, therefore more success... I would say: "Write as much content as you like. If it helps to express your ideas, then do more or less accordingly." But many people focus on the money only...

And success, in that sense, could be the ability to express these ideas in the most convenient, efficient, best, or whatever way, possible. There is more and more content being produced - but content does not necessarily mean more insights. In fact, it could mean the opposite.

There is so much "content" on Medium, because writers focus on making money - and you can only get that, as you said, with more content. But... is this really the best thing we can do for others? Adding more to the already existing pool? And does more information mean more insights? Not necessarily (as I wrote here: https://medium.com/@danielwieser/this-is-why-you-learned-nothing-today-2d2820b3e1b0)

A lot of Medium articles are rehashing what is already known in a different way. For example: "The 5 best books I read in February" are already known bestsellers. Did we get a new insight here? How much more often do we need to read that "Atomic Habits" is a great book?

Etc. etc. etc...

You get the idea ☺️



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