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Are You Successful On Medium?

Or are you only here for the money?

Daniel Wieser 🔥
2 min readAug 22, 2022



The reason for a blog or a book should not be money. It should not be popularity either. Too many people write articles on Medium for the reason to earn more money. Everyone always tries to get some financial gain from their “work”. Because apparently something is only valuable and a person is only “successful” when he gets some financial benefit from it.

What does “professional” mean?

The meaning of words has changed. You do it “professionally” only if you do it as a “profession”. A “professional” painter is therefore someone who earns money with his paintings. And you are only successful — supposedly — when you can make a living from it. We already know that this makes no sense.

When Is A Writer Successful?

“Success means different things for different people.” — Ziggy Marley

We may not yet know what success can mean to us because we are oriented to the existing order. It is possible to define success as what is coherent for us.

  • Is one successful only when one is popular?
  • Who determines what it means to be successful?

We know that popularity is not a significant statement about whether something is good or not. It only means that something resonates with a large number of people. However, a book can be good even if it doesn’t conform to the status quo and thus appeals to fewer people.

The New Writer

The new writer doesn’t care about the popularity of her works. It is not about selling a lot of books, but about spreading the message to those who want to hear it. She resigns herself to not being popular, to not being read. She finds a bigger cause to be passionate about. She does what is best for her (and for others):

She does her best work.

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