AI has Transformed the Way I Work

— for the better!

Daniel Wieser 🔥
4 min readDec 24, 2022


The Modern Renaissance Man


Everyone is losing their mind over the latest AI advancements.
Instead of seeing the opportunity to grow.

Joker telling us how it is

With new technology, new opportunities rise.
This has always been the case!

For those who are creative enough to find new solutions to upcoming problems and then using the latest technology to automate their work will always have enough work to do. Daniel Wieser

I write regularly. At work, at home, for money, for leisure.

To do this effectively, I need to read a lot. I need to educate myself on the topics I write about and look through the internet to find information — what others are writing about.

Welcome AI

This is where I use ChatGPT:

  1. Instead of looking through dozens of articles by myself, I can tell it to tell me the top 10 things about XYZ — which is whatever I am currently writing about.
  2. I ask the AI to summarize a text for me and it creates a new text that is unique. I can now use this text and add my own ideas to it.
  3. Need some ideas for your bachelor thesis? Ask ChatGPT and let it generate them for you.

Real world example: Bachelor thesis

Coming up with a topic for your thesis might be hard. How about getting a few hints from AI that makes it easier for you to make a choice? It’s possible!

See all the results here:

Your personal touch

Now that you have a few ideas, you need to choose one that suits you the most. There is no best solution here, it all depends on your own liking.

This has always been the case!

If there was ONE best book on a topic, why did people still consider writing another one? You see, we are always interested in new advancements and latest findings. We also want to read personal perspectives from people.

What does that mean? It means that there is no good book unless the author adds her or his personal touch. What’s her stance? What’s his opinion? Simply presenting facts is nice but not enough!

How to use AI in the future

Summarizing, getting first drafts, and so on… These are all great use cases for getting first ideas what to write about. But there is the catch: It is good for getting ideas. This means, you get the ideas.

AI cannot get new ideas.
You can.

AI is dependent on human input. It can only react to what it gets. It can collect data from the internet and create more content — but there is no human emotion and there never is a cause to relate to.

Why are you doing this?
This is a relevant factor in the work you do and the life you live.
You will find your own cause and that is something nobody can tell you.

On the other hand:

Why is AI doing this?
Because someone told them to.
Don’t be like AI.

And as long as you are creative enough to get new ideas what could be interesting to write about, you are set up for doing great work. Do not worry about losing your job. You will find another one.

The creativity does not lie in the writing alone but in the initial idea.

With Tools like ChatGPT you will have an assistant at your fingertips that can summarize texts, collect data, give initial ideas for writing, outline a draft for books and white papers, help you in your daily work.

But it cannot do the whole work for you.

You need to connect the topics in new ways and create something new.

The Triumph of Generalists

The modern age- and digital renaissance man will triumph by being able to draw from a variety of different fields to get new solutions to existing and upcoming challenges of his work or in our society as a whole.

AI-Tools help him to accomplish that much faster.

I have written a book about becoming a universal Genius and you should definitely read it. It shows the importance of being a generalist and the methods you need to apply to become a learning machine. or something like that. Really, check it out…


AI could not and did not write this article. AI will never be able to. Why? Because there is a human motivating another human. AI can list facts why you should continue writing, but it will never be able to touch your heart.



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