3 Reasons to Read Dorohedoro

Why I started reading and why you should too!

Daniel Wieser 🔥
2 min readNov 13, 2022


I’ve never been a huge fan of manga and I didn’t think it would ever appeal to me. The characters have been shallow and so has the dialogue.

Meanwhile, the selection of Japanese comics has also expanded in our latitudes. Last but not least, there are always new mangas coming out. One of these mangas is Dorohedoro.

1. The artwork is super detailed

This is something special. Every page looks like a work of art. That makes it fun to read this manga. And even if you don’t find the dialogue appealing, at least the art is.

It’s the buildings in particular that did it for me. This magical post-apocalyptic world is fascinatingly drawn in its own way.

2. It’s grotesque and absurd

There is nothing to add to this… I mean, just look at the panel below!

3. It’s dark and brutal

The mood is gloomy and the action is also very violent at times. The blood spurts, the guts fly and the fun factor is guaranteed! This only adds to the incredible artwork that this manga has to offer.


I won’t bore you with telling you why the story is so good and that you will be thrilled. Anyway, there are many “What the Fuck?” moments that motivate you to keep reading.

Many say the anime of the manga is bad — I wouldn’t agree with that. But if you already like the anime, then you should definitely read the manga.

And if you don’t know both yet, you should definitely start now!



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